The Benefits of Aeration and Seeding for a Healthier Lawn

December 15, 2022


Have you ever noticed patches of unhealthy grass on your lawn? If so, consider aeration and seeding. Aeration and seeding are two essential processes for restoring a healthy lawn. At Lawn and Life, we specialize in providing these services to help improve the overall health of your lawn.

Let’s break down why these two processes are so important.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is the process of poking small holes into your lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil. It helps promote root growth which makes the grass stronger and healthier. It also helps reduce soil compaction, preventing water from properly draining away from your lawn, resulting in pooling on the surface. Pooling can create an environment where weeds can thrive and cause damage to your yard.

What is Seeding?

Seeding involves spreading grass seed onto your existing lawn or bare patches of soil to help fill in any gaps or thin spots in your lawn. For best results, you should use a mix of grass seed appropriate for your region’s climate and soil type. After spreading the seed, keep it moist by gently watering it daily until it has germinated into new grass blades.

How Often Should I Aerate and Seed?

It depends on how healthy your lawn is—if you have large areas with no grass or bald spots larger than three square feet, you should consider aerating and seeding once a year (ideally during fall). But if your yard looks relatively healthy with only minor thinning or bald spots smaller than three square feet, then you should aerate every 2-3 years instead. 

At Lawn and Life, we do what you would expect from a landscaping service, but our aim is more than just delivering a service for a fee. Our goal is to help you unlock the full potential of your outdoor living space and help you create the memories that can only be made on the heart of your property.

If you’re looking to revitalize a patchy or dull-looking yard, contact us today for more information about our aeration and seeding services!

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