About Us

We believe the LAWN is the canvas for a lifetime of memories

Caretakers of your outdoor living space

Yes, we do what you would expect from a landscaping service, but our aim is more than just delivering a service for a fee. Our goal is to help you unlock the full potential of your outdoor living space. To help you create the memories that can only be made on the heart of your property.

We look at your lawn as the canvas on which your family memories are created. We don’t see a job that has to get knocked out as quickly as possible so we can get to the next one one, and we don’t see square footage that we have to maintain. When we see your lawn we see life, we see the jewel of your property.

Brandon Zapalac, Lawn and Life Founder

Brandon Zapalac is an artist, no seriously that isn’t just some sort of catchy way to get you to start thinking of your lawn as a canvas (though you probably should) it is a simple statement. Brandon has been writing music and singing since he was in middle school. He still plays guitar and sings some of his original work at his church.

Brandon’s artistry should matter to you because it is through an artist’s lens that he will care for your property. Brandon founded Lawn and Life in 2016 with one objective in mind, help people unlock the beauty, peace, and vibrancy of their outdoor living space. The business has steadily grown across the Philadelphia region and is headed towards broader regional growth. Brandon lives in the Philadelphia Suburb of Blue Bell with his wife Melissa and their four children.